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Bizhub 601

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Main Features


The bizhub 601 serves as a centralised MFP which supports corporate office environments and in house print rooms. This device is designated with mid-to-large-size offices in mind. On top of the usual features, it demonstrates various unique elements with the emphasis on security features including biometric and IC card authentication.

Outstanding Quality Output & Productivity

High Speed Printing

bizhub 601 can accommodate a printing and copy speed of up to 60 ppm. It has 100% duplex productivity; enabling it to work at the same high speeds for one-sided and two-sided documents. Auto duplexer unit can be applied in this model which allows for faster completion of copying jobs.

Versatile finishing options

The bizhub 601 offers a trio of finisher units that answer a broad range of needs for mid- to large-size offices, enabling users to produce professional-looking finished documents at 100% productivity. The finishing options* include:
  • Gatefold
  • Saddle Stitching
  • Centre Folding
  • Staple
  • Sort
  • Cover Sheet insertion
  • Z-folding
  • Punch

Large Paper Capacity

ith optional trays, bizhub 601 excels in large capacity of 7,600 sheets which reduces the frequency of paper replenishment. It can handle even the largest job and further reduce downtime, paper and toner can be replaced on the fly.

*Optional finishing options are required

Advanced Connectivity and Networking Capabilities

The bizhub 601 can act as communication hub that allows users to share information within their workgroup, or send it worldwide at a glance. Moreover, the bizhub 601 makes it even easier to access data for output and distribution quickly.

Impressive Variety of Scan Functions

Once the document is scanned, it can be forwarded directly to any destination. The Scan-to functions include:

  • Scan to Email
  • Scan to FTP
  • Scan to SMB*1
  • Scan to BOX
  • Scan to WebDAV
  • Scan to USB Device
  • TWAIN Scan

High Speed Scanning

bizhub 601 can scan documents with a speed of up to 60 opm in black and white. It digitizes a large number of documents quickly. Moreover, the size of documents being scanned is automatically detected, enabling documents of different sizes to be scanned at the same time.

Far-reaching Fax*2 Operations

The bizhub 601 offers a wide range fax functions which help lowering costs. The fax options include internet fax, IP Address Fax, PC Fax and TSI Routing. All these options ensure that transmission costs are reduced and minimal consumption of paper.

*1 Only available for Windows
*2 Optional fax kit is required

Confident and Convenient Security

The bizhub 601 does more than just prevent unauthorized access. It also allows authorized users to share information freely and work without any obstruction. The bizhub 601 creates a more productive work environment for customers by allowing them to tailor their security precisely to fit their needs.

Biometric Finger Vein Authentication*

Revolutionary Introduction of Biometric Finger Vein Authentication uses images of finger vein patterns captured by scanning the finger. This measurement uses an internal characteristics as identification, and is a nearly impossible to falsify. Near-infrared light is transmitted through the finger and partially absorbed by hemoglobin in the veins to capture a unique finger vein pattern profile, which is then matched with a pre-registered profile to verify individual identity. It's easy and fast to scan, there's no need to remember passwords or carry a card.

Extensive Data Encryption

To protect confidential information, all network transmission to and from bizhub 601 are protected by SSL encryption, and all email messages use S/MIME protection. Users can choose to save scan data as an encryption PDF file, requiring a password in order to be opened and viewed.

PDF Encryption

Users can choose to save scan data as an encryption PDF file, requiring a password in order to be opened and viewed.

*Optional Biometrics Authentication Kit is required

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