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Bizhub C253

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C253 - Compact Colour MFP Adapt to Today's Office Environment

In today ever-changing business environment, what you need is a versatile business tool with high functionality and superior color documents output. With the bizhub C253, you can manage all documents in one convenient place. Copy, print, scan and fax* can be done in an efficient way while keep your cost down. More than that, its powerful file server, easy operation and top-class security function make it as a perfect tool to make your office run more smoothly and efficiently.

Unique Banner Printing Function

The bizhub C253 features a unique banner printing function. With this function, high quality and ultra-long banner (up to 1,200mm x 297mm) can be printed within a minute. Different kinds of promotional materials such as window displays and couplets for festive occasions can be printed in-house. Users no longer need to outsource these printing tasks, which reduce the operational cost whereas increase productivity.



Versatile Scanning

The bizhub C253 can scan a paper document and convert the data into PDF files, compact PDF files, encrypted PDF files, TIFF or JPEG files. It can scan color or black-and-white document at 70 pages / min and let you to distribute the data in various ways, including scan to FTP, scan to e-mail, scan to SMB, scan to BOX, USB Memory and TWAIN scan.

Scan to Multi-Method Send

In order to save your time and speed up the distribution of documents, the bizhub C253 allows you to save a scanned document in a BOX, email or fax to multiple destinations at the same time with a single operation. The bizhub C253 is among the first MFPs to be Windows Vista-ready.

Scan to WebDAV

The bizhub C253 support WebDAV protocol, which allows scanned data to be sent to a WebDAV server for file sharing over the Internet. The communication path is encrypted to enable a secure networking environment.

Advanced Facsimile

The bizhub C253 can advance fax* capabilities and functions including both analogs and digital fax transmission. With the designated Box that can receive incoming fax and store the data in it. This lets you select only the data that needs to be printed, to prevent unnecessary print jobs without additional cost as the distribution occurs via Internet.

IP Address Fax

With the bizhub C253, you can send faxes to any other compatible bizhub device on the intranet simply by selecting the destination IP address. This function enables you to send high-quality colour faxes at high speeds. Since it uses existing network system, therefore no additional costs are required.

PC-Fax Reception

This function stores received fax documents as TIFF format in a Box. It can be retrieved as necessary from any PC on the network. The documents can be stored and printed simultaneously.

TSI Routing

Fax received can be automatically re-directed to specific box, email, FTP or SMB by identifying the Fax ID, TSI: Transmitting Subscriber Identification. There are total 128 rules can be set for routing the fax from different TSI senders to specified destinations.

*Optional Fax Kit FK-502 and Mount Kit MK-711 are required

Commitment to Security

Information is valuable and keeping it confidential is critical. The bizhub C253 is equipped with a wide range of security functions which keeps the information securely and can only be accessed by authorized people. What's more, an encryption protocol and the network server authentication function keep your data confidential and safe while exchanging over the network.

Biometric Finger Vein Authentication

Revolutionary Introduction of Biometric Finger Vein Authentication* uses images of finger vein patterns captured by scanning the finger. This measurement uses an internal characteristics as identification, and is a nearly impossible to falsify. Near-infrared light is transmitted through the finger and partially absorbed by hemoglobin in the veins to capture a unique finger vein pattern profile, which is then matched with a pre-registered profile to verify individual identity. It's easy and fast to scan, there's no need to remember passwords or carry a card.


Smart and Stylish Design

At the intersection of the bizhub's distinctive white lines lies its unique color control panel. For easier document viewing, color previews of copied or scanned images can be shown on the display as thumbnail.

Styling and Color

With the white line contains LEDs alerting you to current machine status. A blue LED, easily identified even by those with color recognition problems, indicates printing and data reception status. The red LED indicates various alerts, including paper tray depletion.

Superb reproduction of images

The bizhub C253 achieves the best image and the finest output quality possible. With unique polymerised SimitriT Toner that accomplishs top-class reproduction of text and graphs, offering excellent fidelity to the original for important business documents. With the compact bizhub C253, you can produce all business documents in professional standard and even produce beautiful, full-color booklets in house.

Superb Image Quality

To achieve top-class reproduction of text, graphs and image, our unique Simitri® toner is used and other advanced image-processing technologies are applied in the bizhub C253. Moreover, different output modes can be set according to your needs.

Map Mode

For reproducing maps, graphs or other documents with background patterns, map mode can be chosen and its output is much more easier to read as the recognition of text is perfect.

Photo Mode

The bizhub C253 will reproduce rich color gradation, providing the best results when copying original photographs.

2-Color Copy / Print Mode

The bizhub C253 distinguishes between the color and black parts of a document, and you can select from six colors plus black to copy or print the 2-color document in a minute.

Mono Color Copy Mode

Apart from the 2-color copy / print mode, you can also select the mono color mode and choose from among 21 colors for mono color copy.

Producing the booklets look even better

By adding an optional finisher*, hole punching, saddle stitching and folding can be added to your bizhub C253 to fulfill ad hoc project requirement. Separate sheets can be added when copying or printing to provide front and rear covers or sections dividers. With simply loading the coloured or special paper in the designated paper cassette, bizhub C253 can produce attractive and professional-looking booklets easily.

*Optional FS-519 Finisher & SD-505 Saddle Stitcher are required

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